Enterprise CRM Solutions

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Enterprise CRM Solutions was created to meet a growing need for independent consulting advice on CRM, ERP and BI solutions.

We thank the initial generous bequest of R.G.Fox which helped bank-roll the early stages of our enterprise.

Who is R.G.Fox?  He was both a US and British military solider, who later became an accountant.  Later became the godfather of our founder Ben Horin.

Who is Ben Horin?   He is a descendant of the Horin family which has links back to London, the USA, and Australia through various branches of the family (Horin, Smorgon, Ryzman).

Management Team

Chief Executive Officer 

Benjamin Horin

Benjamin has had an impressive IT career covering nearly 14 industries (Banking/Finance, Insurance, Health (Radiology, Weightloss, Aged Care), Education, Telecommunications, Government (Local, State & Federal), Entertainment, Resorts, Transportation/Aerospace, Defence, Utilities, and a range of other sectors.

Senior Legal Counsel 

Dr. Nicholas Harris

Master of Laws (American University), PhD Economics (University of Sydney)

Nicholas has had a particularly impressive working career covering stints as a Lawyer in Private practice, Insurance, and Entertainment sectors both in Australia and abroad.