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Enterprise CRM Solutions was created to meet a growing need for independent consulting advice on CRM, ERP and BI solutions.

We thank the initial generous bequest of R.G.Fox which helped bank-roll the early stages of our enterprise.

Who is R.G.Fox?  He was both a US and British military solider, who later became an accountant.  Later became the godfather of our founder Ben Horin.

Who is Ben Horin?   He is a descendant of the Horin family which has links back to London, the USA, and Australia through various branches of the family (Horin, Smorgon, Ryzman).

Management Team

Chief Executive Officer 

Benjamin Horin

Ass.Dip Bus (Microcomputing), Dip Law (UK) (In Progress)

Benjamin has had an impressive IT career spanning time with a range of high-profile Government departments, Not-for-Profit organisatons and 10 x Fortune 500 companies.

His remit over two decades has essentially been to nearly 22 industries/sectors (Banking (Securities, Risk/Fraud), Insurance (Private Health, Automotive), Health (Radiology, Weightloss, Aged Care), Education, Telecommunications, Retail, Resources (Oil, Aluminium, Steel), Distribution, Shipping, Government (Local, State & Federal), Courts/Justice, Law Enforcement, Automotive, Entertainment (Music), Resorts, Transportation/Aerospace, Defence, Utilities, and a range of other sectors, making him a formidable advisor to whatever sector he takes on.

He has recently published a series of books focussed on both SQL database development and CRM development after nearly 20 years working with a wide range of leading database and CRM packages.  

He was highly regarded during the early days of Search Engines and helped pioneering search engine technologies such as permational keyword searches and is currently authoring a series of books on the early days of search engine technology.